Your First Comprehensive Dental Care Visit

We are thrilled that you have chosen WhiteCrest Smart Dentistry to care for your oral health and want to welcome you to our dental family! Our caring and experienced dental team strives to make it the most comfortable experience you have ever had.

The Typical Initial Dental Visit

The cornerstone of this experience is providing a thorough and comprehensive initial consultation. Every patient’s comprehensive dental care needs are unique, we start with this comprehensive approach so we can formulate a tailored plan of care.

What to Expect

  • Completion of new patient forms
  • Review of primary dental concerns and past dental history
  • Review of past medical history, as certain conditions have a significant bearing on your dental care
  • Digital X-rays of teeth obtained when needed
  • Comprehensive dental examination
  • Soft tissue examination for any abnormal lesions in mouth, throat and the surrounding structures
  • Occlusal exam (bite analysis)
  • Temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) and masticatory muscles examination
  • Aesthetic exam (appearance of the teeth and gums)
  • Tooth-by-tooth examination with a small toothbrush-sized intra-oral video camera
  • Periodontal examination for gum disease
  • Personal consultation, discussion of dental needs and wants to create a directed treatment plan to improve your dental health and smile.
  • This visit commonly takes 60 minutes

What happens next?

After your complete dental exam and diagnosis, your dentist will give you advice on how to improve your oral health and will discuss whether you need further treatments.

Your dentist will create a treatment plan for you and discuss payment options should you require any dental procedure done.

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