Your First Step to a Healthy Mouth

Threats to your oral health aren’t always obvious. The best way to get ahead of any problems is a dental examination and oral health consultation with your dentist in Grover Beach.

An essential first step to good dental health

Your Dental Exam and Consultation

A routine dental examination helps protect your teeth and gums. Expert inspection of your mouth, teeth, and gum tissue helps pinpoint any problem areas before they worsen.

  • Digital x-rays are safe and effective for detecting tooth decay and cavities.
  • An oral cancer screening checks for any abnormal tissue in your mouth, on your lips and tongue, and in your throat, facial area, and neck.
  • A gum tissue evaluation notes any issues affecting your gum and bone tissue that could lead to periodontal (gum) disease.

Prioritize Prevention

Your decision to schedule a routine dental examination, following at-home dental care, and prioritizing preventive dentistry helps keep your mouth healthy and disease-free.

Contact your Grover Beach dentist, to schedule your next dental examination or to ask questions about preventive dental care.

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